SAP PO 7.5

A middleware enables data exchange between IT systems.

Your end customers would like to be able to access stocks in the stores immediately in your online shop or you would like to order additional material from your supplier automatically. These are just two examples from the world of digitalization and automation.

Since its introduction at the beginning of 2000, SAP’s middleware portfolio has gained massively in functionality and maturity with SAP XI.

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Support ends for all older versions on 31.12.2020

What is SAP Process Orchestration

SAP Process Integration
This is an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) that traditionally uses both ABAP and Java stacks (up to PI 7.4) to enable message-based integration between IT systems, using a number of adapters to receive messages to and from these systems. It is possible to implement PI so that it runs only on the Java stack. If you do this, you can activate and use the other PO components (BPM and BRM). As of version 7.5, it is only a Java stack.
SAP Business Process Management
Serves to create processes and workflows between people, systems and business partners. The implementation is done by the help of BPMN, which has become a standard in IT, independent of brands.
SAP Business Rules Management
Used to use user-defined business rules that are required in business processes. For example, threshold values can be defined by the business department and adjusted at any time.

Simply put, SAP Process Orchestration includes all the tools you need to create business logic, applications, and integration to close gaps between your IT systems.

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